NSELA Board of Directors

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Larry Plank, President
(term 2020-2021)



Linda Cook, President-Elect
(term 2020-2021)



James Blake, Past-President
(term 2019-2020)



Trisha Herminghaus, Secretary
(term 2018-2021)



Shane Woods, Treasurer
(term 2020-2023)



Regional Directors

Mary Loesing, Region A Director
(term 2019-2022)




Vacant, Region B Director



Mark Case, Region C Director
(term 2019-2022)



Shelly LeDoux, Region D Director
(appointed to till 1 year vacancy, 2020-2021)


Betsy BarentRegion E Director
(term 2020-2023)




Sharon Sikora, Region F Director
(term 2018-2021)




Elizabeth Allen, Interim Finance Committee Chair 

Brian Carey, Affiliates Committee Chair

Jen Gutierrez, NSTA Representative

Rebecca Hite, Awards Committee Co-Chair

Nancy Kellogg, Awards Committee Co-Chair

Brian KruseNominations and Elections Committee Chair

Andrew Weatherhead, Professional Development Committee Chair

Frackson Mumba, Science Educator Journal Editor

Candace Penrod, Membership Committee Chair 

Ken Roy, Safety Compliance Officer

Debbi Stone, Informal Science Committee Chair

Robert Tai, Science Educator Journal Editor

Bev Devore-WeddingDiversity & Equity Committee Chair