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Register for Day 2 of the 2021 Virtual Summer Leadership Institute

Posted: July 20, 2021

Summer of Synergistic Science: Connecting, Sharing, and Networking

There's still time to register for the 2nd day of our Virtual Summer Leadership Institute! Missed our July 20th session on Embedded Engineering? You can still sign up to receive access to the recordings!

Wednesday, July 28th 11:30am - 4:30pm ET

Phenomena: Phenomena are not just a hook! This strand will explore all aspects where phenomena have an impact including high quality curriculum, assessment, language and culture, and community connections.

 Joining us as speakers are:

  • Jason Crean and Kristin Rademaker, Lead Consultants, All Species Education Consulting for a session titled "The Illinois Biology Storyline Project: Creating and implementing NGSS storylines"

  • Jennifer Self, Science Review Lead, NextGenScience for a session titled "Addressing unfinished learning through phenomena?"

  • Tamara HeckScience Education Research Consultant, Michigan Department of Education for a session titled "Are Equitable NGSS Assessments Possible? YES!"

  • Erin FurtakProfessor of STEM Education and Associate Dean of Faculty, School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder and Caitlin Fine, Graduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder for a session titled "Designing linguistically equitable assessment tasks: The SAEBL checklist"

  • Okhee Lee, Professor, New York University for a session titled "Using Phenomena to Promote Equity in Science Instruction"

  • Ellen Forte, CEO & Chief Scientist, and Christina Schneider, Consultant for a session titled "Principled-Assessment Design and Adaptable Phenomena: Keys to Building High-Quality 3-D Science Assessments"

View the full schedule here!

Our third day will be:

  • Thursday, August 5th  11:30am - 4:30pm ETLeadership Development:  Leadership skills can constantly be developed and improved, especially with the support of a community, like NSELA. This strand will hit on various components of leadership including professional (publication tips, education research) and personal (self-care, implicit bias) considerations

Registration Prices

Full conference experience (including recordings from day 1): $79 for NSELA Members, $139 Non-Members (this includes an NSELA membership)

Daily registration: $33 for NSELA Members


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Get Involved - NSELA's Diversity and Equity Committee Seeking New Members

NSELA's Diversity and Equity Committee is seeking 3-5 new committee members to assist in promoting equity and diversity in science education and science education leadership. Currently, we are working on a new position statement regarding equity and diversity. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated! Please fill out the NSELA Join a Committee form after logging in and selecting "Getting involved" under the Join menu tab on the home page. 


NEW: "Science Laboratory Safety Manual - 4th Edition (2021)"

Posted: July 11, 2021
Authored by Drs. Linda M. Stroud, Kenneth R. Roy, & Kevin S. Doyle
About the book:
The "Science Laboratory Safety Manual - 4th Edition" by Drs. Linda Stroud, Kenneth R. Roy, and Kevin S Doyle contains over 450 power packed pages focusing on all aspects of science/STEM laboratory safety.  This is an outstanding lab science resource for grades K through college.  It is designed for science/STEM teachers, school and district supervisors and administrators, chemical hygiene officers, science/STEM consultants, architects and many others working to foster safety in the science/STEM teaching/learning environment.  The book also meets the requirements established by the "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act for teacher improvement in Math/Science instruction."


What's in the 4th Edition?

NEW chapter - Special Education in the Science/STEM environment

NEW chapter - Science/STEM in a crisis


Chapters about:

  • Legal Overview

  • Student Involvement

  • Biohazards and Radiation

  • Chemical Management

  • Facilities

  • First Aid

  • Lab Glassware, hardware and Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Elementary Science Safety

  • Students with Disabilities in Science/STEM Laboratories

  • The Emergency Playbook

For additional information about the publications, see: 
SPECIAL OFFER FOR NSELA CURRENT MEMBERS - NSELA members get a 20% discount on ordering. Click here and log in for more information.

"A Safety Minute" Tips by Dr. Ken Roy - NSELA Safety Compliance Officer

Posted: July 18, 2021

NSELA Safety Minute by Dr. Ken Roy – NSELA Safety Compliance Officer - For current safety updates five days a week, follow Dr. Ken on Twitter @drroysafersci.

NSELA Safety Minute by Dr. Ken Roy – NSELA Safety Compliance Officer - For current safety updates five days a week, follow Dr. Ken on [email protected].

“Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Purpose and Description” – University of Washington – Dept. of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math - The laboratory personal protective equipment (PPE) hazard assessment guide identifies hazards to which laboratory workers may be exposed and specifies PPE to protect against these hazards during work operations. Good resources for science and STEM labs -







New Session Added: July 20th Virtual Summer Leadership Institute

Posted: July 13, 2021

Summer of Synergistic Science: Connecting, Sharing, and Networking

We are excited to announce that Stephanie Adams, Dean, University of Texas, Dallas, is joining the speaker line-up for Tuesday's Virtual Summer Leadership Institute. Her session is titled Channeling Leonardo: Reimagining Engineering Education. You can read the session description below:

Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance man: a painter, sculptor, inventor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist. Similar to how da Vinci’s interests and expertise stretched across a variety of domains, successful engineers of tomorrow will need to exhibit depth in one or two core disciplines and breadth across multiple spheres. To foster the development of such Renaissance Engineers, colleges and universities will need to reexamine engineering teaching and learning. The nascent, yet complex, field of engineering education sits at the epicenter of this reform and must lead our reimagination of how we develop future Leonardo’s.

Register Now! Tuesday, July 20th 11:30am - 4:30pm ET

Embedded EngineeringEngineering can be used as a way to help ALL students identify with and apply science concepts. By experiencing high quality engineering curriculum, utilizing problem solving and design, students can address social justice issues within their place. This strand will bring in varied perspectives and expertise around how to embed engineering within the science classroom with a focus on equity. Other speakers joining us are:

  • Bill Penuel, University of Colorado Boulder, Distinguished ProfessorEngaging Students in Addressing Community Priorities and Global Matters of Concern through Justice-Focused Design Projects

  • Vic Sampson, The University of Texas at Austin, Associate Professor of STEM EducationArgument-Driven Engineering

  • Bree Barnett Dreyfuss, STEP UP Ambassador Program Coordinator, Physics teacher, STEP UP

  • Jonathan Gerlach, Sr. Director of District Partnerships, Legends of Learning, Sally Creel, STEM & Innovation Supervisor, Cobb County School District, GA, Chris Schaben, Supervisor of 6-12 Science, Omaha Public Schools, NE, Jennifer McMannis, STEM Coordinator – School District of Manatee County, FL

View the full schedule here!


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