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NSELA Welcomes New Members

Posted: Nov. 6, 2019

NSELA welcomes the following new members who have joined in the past week!

  • Barbara Hopkins
  • Kristin Rademaker
  • Kerrie Snavely

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VESELS Reflections October 2019

Posted: Oct. 31, 2019

This year, it has been my pleasure to serve once again as mentor of the awardees of the 2019 Vernier Emerging Science Educator Leader Scholarship (VESELS). As part of the leadership journey, the awardees have been asked to submit a brief reflection paragraph detailing some aspect of how the Summer Leadership Institute has enriched their experiences. These reflections will be submitted to the e-Navigator, approximately one per month. To help the emerging leaders get started, I will write the first reflection.

Our 2019 VESELS awardees are:

  • Karen Covil, science teacher at North Star High School, Lincoln, NE. Karen has been working on NGSS three dimensional storylines for high school, and has led professional development work in her district, inspired by the Summer Leadership Institute.
  • Charlie Seo, Assistant Principal at Larchmont Charter School, a middle school in Hollywood, CA. Charlie is excited to serve as a school leader, and seeks opportunities to support science in his school.
  • Mark Case, Science teacher at Southern Guilford High School in Greensboro, NC. Mark has taken on a huge leadership challenge as NSELA Director of Region C!
  • Candace Penrod, Science Supervisor, Salt Lake City School District in Utah. Great science website!
  • Christine Benita, Elementary Science Curriculum Specialist for Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, Washington. Christine works toward equity in science education for young learners.

Our awardees represent a variety of experiences, interests, and talents, as diverse as the science we support. We are grateful to Vernier Software and Technology, sponsor of the VESELS program, for providing financial support to our awardees to attend the 2019 Summer Leadership Institute in Orlando, FL. Vernier was instrumental in supporting me in my earliest days of leadership through professional learning and technology support.

Leadership takes many forms, and carries many challenges that come from unexpected places. I find that the hallmark of good leadership is (to quote Polonius from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet): “To thine own self be true.” Leaders who lead effectively establish a vision for leadership and share personal core values. Leaders who struggle are reactive; they are in a constant state of “putting out fires.” (In our work, that is sometimes taken way too literally!)

In last year’s first VESELS reflection, I shared my personal vision statement. Since then, I have created my personal core value statements:

  • A culture of safety above everything else.
  • We learn science by doing science
  • All students and teachers have a right and a need to enjoy fully in the Science and Engineering Practices.
  • Through exploring the patterns in nature (science) we reveal the beauty in those patterns (art).
For leaders with decades of experience or minutes of experience, all eyes are on the leader. We make hundreds of decisions, and plenty of mistakes. By establishing our core values, we can be sure our decisions are proactive rather than reactive.

Eddie McGrath
NSELA Director Region B




Did You Miss This Week's NSELA Webinar?

Posted: Oct. 30, 2019

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This week's webinar was titled, "Is Science Enough?"
Speakers were Dr. Carolyn Landel, Managing Director, Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin; Shelly LeDoux, Ed.D., Professional Learning Facilitator, K-12 Services, The University of Texas at Austin | Charles A. Dana Center and Nicole Martin. They discussed how districts around the country are desperately seeking high-quality instructional materials that translate the NGSS into a coherent set of learning experiences to support student learning of the content.

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"A Safety Minute" by Dr. Ken Roy - NSELA Safety Compliance Officer

Posted: Oct. 30, 2019

NSELA Safety Minute by Dr. Ken Roy – NSELA Safety Compliance Officer - For current safety updates five days a week, follow Dr. Ken on [email protected].

“Eyewash Fast Facts” – Required Flushing for Laboratory eyewash and shower emergency stations. While individual owners’ manuals of specific equipment should be checked for additional guidelines, ANSI protocol requires devices to be inspected, tested, and the results recorded weekly. OSHA enforced by reference. Make sure your labs follow these safety protocols! -


NSELA Welcomes New Members

Posted: Oct. 29, 2019

NSELA welcomes the following new members who have joined in the past week!

  • Ellen Dunn
  • Lori Henrickson
  • Jeffrey Patterson
  • Eric Pyle
  • Todd Shulman

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