Flinn Scientific Is First NSELA Partner To Renew For 2020!

Posed: Oct. 11, 2019

Longtime partner Flinn Scientific has committed to sponsoring NSELA at the Newton level for the second straight year. 

Rated #1 among science teachers for science teaching & learning resources, Flinn Scientific is the trusted partner for teachers to find the guidance, inspiration, and materials they need to help students succeed.

Flinn Scientific is based in Batavia, Illinois, and was founded in 1977. Its primary mission is to support science educators and make a positive impact on student achievement in the science classroom and laboratory. Flinn Scientific is committed to unsurpassed customer service by providing the science community with the very best science education supplies, safety information, instructional materials and programs to facilitate their vital work.

More than 150,000 science educators rely on Flinn Scientific annually for resources in science teaching and learning and for district science education solutions. For more information, visit www.FlinnSci.com

NSELA thanks Flinn Scientific for its steadfast support of our mission: We catalyze leadership to maximize effective science teaching and learning in a complex and changing environment.