Latest Issue Of Connected Science Learning Features 'STEM Learning in Environmental Settings'

Posted: January 30, 2018

Members: Check out the latest stories in the fifth edition of Connected Science Learning, which is just out: 

Connecting Urban Families With Environmental Science: The PLUM LANDING Explore Outdoors Toolkit is a new set of free, public media resources designed to help informal educators and parents infuse science learning into outdoor recreation.

Science Action Club: Youth in Science Action Club (SAC) use citizen science to investigate nature, document their discoveries, share data with the scientific community, and design strategies to protect the planet. Through collaborations with regional and national partners, SAC expands access to environmental science curriculum and training resources.

Promoting STEM Interest and Connections to Nature Through a Soundscape Ecology Camp for Students With Visual Impairments: The Center for Global Soundscapes developed a five-day camp program for students with visual impairments that follows an inquiry-based learning approach to explore concepts fundamental to soundscape ecology.

A New Year for Connected Science Learning: Connected Science Learning Editor Dennis Schatz provides readers with news about behind-the-scenes updates for the journal.

Connected Science Learning is a peer-reviewed journal linking in-school and out-of-school STEM learning. It's a publication of NSTA and ASTC, with generous support from the Kavli Foundation.

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