Wednesday, March 30 – 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Omni Hotel - Broadway Ballrooms (Level 2)

Program Part A    Program Part B

Keynote Speakers 

joe levine inarboleda1b

Dr. Joe Levine  "Global Change Meets NGSS: A Conceptual Framework for Teaching"

Global change may be the most important and daunting challenge facing science teachers today, and its interdisciplinary science is ideal for NGSS-informed teaching. A new conceptual framework from the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology uses new informational graphics to organize and present core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and system models, in a unique and accessible format.


Hall headshot

Hall Davidson  "What the Digital Transformation Means to Leadership, Science, and Learning"

Students toggle between a microscopic view of a grasshopper and live feeds from outer space on their phone: learning has changed. Science 'techbooks' adjust lexile levels, read aloud, and change languages with a click: teaching has changed. From public health to gene splicing, classroom practice can make learners future ready. Leadership must guide this transformation. Examples, fun, and plans.

Outstanding Administrative Support Award Presentation - Dr. Linda Atkinson - Sponsored by Kendall Hunt 

Breakout Sessions 

Creating Instructional Programs that Engage Students: The VISTA Way
Brooke A. Whitworth, Northern Arizona University; Elizabeth Edmondson, Virginia Commonwealth University; Anne Mannarino, Regent University

Translating Three-Dimensional Learning into Curriculum, Instruction, and Classroom Assessment
Jim Short
, American Museum of Natural History; Dora Kastel, American Museum of Natural History; Verneda Johnson, New York City Department of Education

The 21st Century Leader: Facilitating Effective Communication and Collaboration
Holly Steele, Fullerton School District; Keri Randolph, Hamilton County Department of Education

From Industry to the Classroom: Developing STEM Leaders and Strategic Alliances
Amy Threatt, S2TEM Centers SC; Tom Peters, South Carolina's Coalition for Math and Science; Susanne W. Teague, S2TEM Centers SC

Transitioning to Three-Dimensional Learning
Peter McLaren and Matthew Krehbiel, Achieve