June 25 – 28, 2013
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Science educators, teams (leaders and teachers), and administrators are invited to explore the Next Generation Science Standards.

Flier (pdf)

The 2013 SLI included:

  • expanded investigation of the science and engineering practices, with specific focus on constructing explanations,
  • developing and using models,
  • designing solutions and engaging in argument from evidence, and
  • a deeper look at assessment needed to determine student understanding of the NGSS is also addressed.

Participants will

  • develop a deep understanding of supporting research for reform,
  • participate in immersive experiences,
  • apply new knowledge to their own unique professional environment, and
  • determine next steps as they move forward with the NGSS.

Featured speakers will share their insights throughout the 3 ½ day institute, and many differentiated breakout sessions provide smaller groups the ability to challenge the status quo and build a personal or team plan of action for implementation into their classrooms, schools, and districts.

NSELA professional development over the past two years supported membership as they developed understandings of the Framework, NGSS drafts, and scientific practices. As the final NGSS are made available, it will be the responsibility of science leadership to help translate the standards into practice with specific foci on curriculum, instruction, professional development and assessment. This SLI begins immersion into that process.

Presenters include:

  • Harold Pratt (Past NSTA President and NSTA advisor on standards-related work)
  • Darlene Ryan (NSELA President; Glenwood Elementary School Principal, Pittsboro, NC)
  • Brian Hand and Lori Norton Meier (Head of Science Education program at University of Iowa/University of Louisville; co-authors of Questions, Claims and Evidence and Negotiating Science: The Critical Role of Argument in Student Inquiry)
  • Stephen Pruitt (Vice President of Content, Research and Development at Achieve, Inc.; leads NGSS development)
  • Brian Reiser (Professor of Learning Sciences, Northwestern University; member of team that developed The Framework for K-12 Science Education)
  • Martin Storksdieck (Director of the Board on Science Education at the National Research Council)